Why Should I Care?

It’s all about the money and how it is used. The reality is that most people earning over $1 million/year invest it to build and preserve their wealth, where it then grows at a rate faster than the economy and workers’ salaries. They can wind up accumulating much more wealth than they or their families will ever need. Often this money is used to protect and serve their own financial interests, and not invested in jobs, education, improving infrastructure, reducing healthcare costs, balancing the budget, or other issues important to our country.

Some of the wealthiest people in the country contribute a great deal of money to the major political parties and their candidates. This has been called legal bribery, and both major political parties are caught up in this system. It costs a huge amount of money to run for federal office, and the current federal election system essentially forces our national legislators to take the money to be re-elected. The result is that budgets and laws often favor the big contributors over the average person. Deals are being cut and nearly all of us are losing.

Large corporations and special interest groups that donate large sums to the political parties are able to advance their interests by blocking legislation or reversing executive orders intended to help the people or the planet.

If you’re ready to do something about the current situation, click on this link: What can I do?