Will we yield to autocracy and suppression, or revitalize democracy, the rule of law and working for the common good? Our actions and our votes over the next few years will determine our future.

This website provides useful information to help you better understand authoritarianism and why it is gaining support among certain political leaders, how we got to this point, and what is needed to thwart authoritarianism and help reclaim our democracy. Click on the links below to learn more.

Authoritarianism – What It Is and Why It’s a Problem

Major Issues That Got Us to This Point

Actions – What is Needed to Reclaim Our Democracy

It’s time for Americans across races, places and parties to come together, as we have in our past, to support democracy, block those who are working to suppress it, and protect our freedoms. We need to gather in ever increasing numbers, to talk with one another, to learn, and to take action together.


We Have This:

We Need This:

What we’re doing now is going to determine whether democracy will long endure … This is the struggle we’re now in, a struggle for democracy, a struggle for decency and dignity, a struggle for prosperity and progress, a struggle for the very soul of America itself. President Joseph Biden, November 2, 2022

We cannot take democracy for granted; those of us living in democracies are enjoying a rare moment of freedom in human history. – Tobias Stone

Today’s invasion of democratic Ukraine by authoritarian Putin is important. It not only has broken a long period of peace in Europe, it has brought into the open that authoritarians are indeed trying to destroy democracy.Historian Heather Cox Richardson, Feb. 23, 2022

Whatever happens in Washington, in the months and years to come, Americans of all stripes who value their self-government must mobilize at every level — not simply once every four years but today and tomorrow and the next day — to win elections and help protect the basic functions of democracy. If people who believe in conspiracy theories can win, so can those who live in the reality-based world.[New York Times Editorial Board, Jan. 1, 2022]